Jennifer Harley is a sculptor and art educator based in Flatbush, Brooklyn.  Her practice explores the complex personal and social histories of labor as they are expressed through the objects we interact with every day.  She employs a wide variety of materials, often the accessories and detritus of everyday life, grooming, and employment.  Recurring materials in her work include bobby pins, cooking oil, rhinestones, hairnets, sugar, cotton, and shoe polish.  Jennifer is deeply committed to craft and unpacking the role it can play in social activism by investigating material histories and labor history. Her work honors the creativity that is folded into rituals of body adornment, factory and field work, care-taking, and the many under acknowledged labors of the hand, body, and mind. Her current body of work investigates economic mobility as it relates to labor rights and access, and the relationship between labor and migration.

Jennifer received a BFA in Sculpture and a BS in Art Management from Appalachian State University in 2014.  She has worked in Education and Public Programing at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of the City of New York and is currently the School and Educator Programs Coordinator at The Studio Museum in Harlem.  Exhibitions include Art in Odd Places RACE (2016), Materialism/Immaterialism (2016), and Sea of Trace (2017), and SXRVXVE (2018).